Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week of Zone Conferences

We have had the most marvelous week with three zone conferences.  Our first was Monday August 12th at the Joseph Smith Memorial pictured below.  This is a very special as it is the birth place of our beloved Prophet.  As you can see the weather was beautiful and the grounds are immaculate.  We are always so impressed at the dedication and detail to beauty the church keeps all of its properties.
Our second zone conference was in Concord NH which is just 30 miles north of Manchester. 
Our third zone conference was in Augusta Maine.  We traveled up there on Thursday afternoon and stayed in the Senator Hotel Thursday night.  We had a wonderful dinner with the Davis's, Pettingill's and President and Sister Stoker.  After the conference, we decided to travel back down the coast with the Pettingill's.  We took our time and this is a picture we took at one of the stops.  There are a few light houses along the coast that are really unique and quite beautiful.

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