Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25, 2014

   The picture on the left top is of the 4 new Sister Missionaries that came to our mission this past week.  They had quite the ordeal getting here.  Their flight was delayed and we were not able to have our evening dinner and training with them as they didn't get to Manchester until approximately 10:30 pm.  But they survived well and we did everything we needed to on Tuesday morning.  What wonderful missionaries they are.
   The picture below is us with the 7 missionaries going home.  One of the best days in the mission for Sister Skidmore and myself is transfer Tuesdays where the departing missionaries give their statement of truth at transfer meeting and then we go to the Boston Temple.  We do the 4pm Endowment session and then have dinner at the Temple.  It is wonderful and we love spending time with these missionaries just before they go home. 
   They are from left to right, Sister Huefner, Miriam and I, Elder Crane, Elder Guthrie, Elder Hightower, Elder Pritchett, Sister Korman and Sister Buxton.  We love and already miss them.
   I received a call from Brother Neal Williams from the Dover Maine Branch relating an experience he had with our Elder Williams who is from New Zealand.  Brother Williams was the HT for Jerry Tainer who had just joined the church approximately 6 months ago.  He has been very sick and asked for a blessing.  Brother Williams asked him if he would like Elders to give it and he said yes. 
   Elder Cronister anointed and Elder Williams gave the blessing.  In his blessing he said, "I bless you that you will__________________ ".  He stopped and tears were rolling down his cheeks.  He then changed the blessing to a blessing of comfort.  Afterward he confided in Brother Williams that the blessing  he gave was not what he had in his mind when he started.  The Spirit was so strong, he stopped then gave the blessing the Spirit directed.  Brother Williams called me to express his love for the Elders and to let me know that Brother Tainer had passed away.  He passed peacefully. 
   Brother Williams just wanted me to know how impressed he is with all the missionaries.  I assured him that we feel the same.  We have so many spiritual experiences while serving full time missions.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 11, 2014

   Today is Mothers Day and it has been a special one.  The pictures to the left at top is of a Mothers Day lunch we had with the Stokers at the mission home.  It was wonderful as always.  We played a new game called Dixit after lunch then had a grand desert.  Then it was time for a nap and try to digest all the food.
   The two lower pictures are of flowers and gifts Miriam received thanking her for the wonderful mother that she is.  It is hard being away from all the kids and grand kids on a day like this but we know they are all well and we look that much more forward to being with them again.
   We had the best meetings today.  Our Sacrament Meeting was the best attended of any we have seen to date while on our mission.  The talks were all by sisters in the Ward and Sister Morgan (missionary) and they were wonderful.  The spirit was so strong.  We picked up and investigator who's name is Sue and she loved the meetings too.  We had lots of investigators there today.  The missionaries are doing a lot of great work.  The missionaries were all so excited that today they would be able to call home and talk to their mothers.  It is a very big day in the mission field. 
   President Stoker has asked me to help him in interviewing and helping some of the missionaries that are struggling.  I filled my first assignment last night and it brought back a flood of memories from by Bishop years.  The work we do requires the spirit to be our constant companion, but when counseling these wonderful missionaries I realized again that this work cannot be done without the spirit.  I love this work and it is good to help where I can.
   Miriam has received many calls from the missionaries wishing her a Happy Mothers Day.  It is obvious that they love her so much.  She does such a great job and the Mission Secretary. 
   The weather has finally gotten warm and the trees are leafing out and it is beautiful.  We had such a long hard winter.  Now we really appreciate summer.  I think today was the first day I haven't had a coat on since last fall.
   We love the work.  Our testimonies grow everyday.  Miriam and I have finished the B of M a few week ago and are now working our way through the New Testament.  We study, pray and work together everyday.  I love her and appreciate her so much!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 4, 2014

   The pictures to the left were taken this week when we visited Dartmouth College to view an original B of M they have.  It was really neat to be able to hold it and thumb through the pages.  It made us wonder who was the original owner.  It has some differences to our modern day B of M in the editing and references.  It was wonderful and we wish it was held by the Church at the JSM.  This copy was donated to Dartmouth when the donor found it quite by accident when purchasing a large bunch of old books.  What a find!
   Miriam and I did another day of apartment checks.  The 2nd group of pictures are some of the missionaries at their apartments kin the Concord North Zone.  We were pleasantly surprised this time as how clean and organized they all were.  There was considerable time spent at zone conferences discussing the need keep their apartments cleaner and the  disappointment we experienced when no effort was made to prepare for our visits.  The message got through.
   The bottom picture is us with Lance.  He came to visit for a day. We spent most of the day in Boston and then came up to Manchester.  We had a great time with great food and lots of things to see.  He was in Washington DC on a dental convention and came to say hi.  We loved the 24 hours we had with him.  We love all our children and grandchildren so much.