Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25, 2014

   The picture on the left top is of the 4 new Sister Missionaries that came to our mission this past week.  They had quite the ordeal getting here.  Their flight was delayed and we were not able to have our evening dinner and training with them as they didn't get to Manchester until approximately 10:30 pm.  But they survived well and we did everything we needed to on Tuesday morning.  What wonderful missionaries they are.
   The picture below is us with the 7 missionaries going home.  One of the best days in the mission for Sister Skidmore and myself is transfer Tuesdays where the departing missionaries give their statement of truth at transfer meeting and then we go to the Boston Temple.  We do the 4pm Endowment session and then have dinner at the Temple.  It is wonderful and we love spending time with these missionaries just before they go home. 
   They are from left to right, Sister Huefner, Miriam and I, Elder Crane, Elder Guthrie, Elder Hightower, Elder Pritchett, Sister Korman and Sister Buxton.  We love and already miss them.
   I received a call from Brother Neal Williams from the Dover Maine Branch relating an experience he had with our Elder Williams who is from New Zealand.  Brother Williams was the HT for Jerry Tainer who had just joined the church approximately 6 months ago.  He has been very sick and asked for a blessing.  Brother Williams asked him if he would like Elders to give it and he said yes. 
   Elder Cronister anointed and Elder Williams gave the blessing.  In his blessing he said, "I bless you that you will__________________ ".  He stopped and tears were rolling down his cheeks.  He then changed the blessing to a blessing of comfort.  Afterward he confided in Brother Williams that the blessing  he gave was not what he had in his mind when he started.  The Spirit was so strong, he stopped then gave the blessing the Spirit directed.  Brother Williams called me to express his love for the Elders and to let me know that Brother Tainer had passed away.  He passed peacefully. 
   Brother Williams just wanted me to know how impressed he is with all the missionaries.  I assured him that we feel the same.  We have so many spiritual experiences while serving full time missions.

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