Monday, July 1, 2013


June 28, 2013
We left home at about 1:15pm to travel to Connie and Bills for the night.  We were delayed in a traffic accident on the way to Camp Verde for over an hour.  But we arrived fine, had a wonderful evening with them taking us to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Connie and Bill are always so good to us.
June 29, 2013
Left Connie's abut 7:30am heading for Utah.  We arrived at Tenna and Bill's about 6:15 pm..  We had a wonderful week end with them and their family. Steve and Kelly and kids were there too.  Shalynn and Tim came over too and we all had a wonderful dinner. We had a great Sunday with them.  Tenna and Bill are such wonderful hosts.
July 1, 2013
We left Tenna's about 9:15 am.  Checked into the MTC at 10am.  What a wonderful day.  Lots to do to get settled.  We are in room  314 we have been assigned in great district and Miriam and I have been working on tomorrow's assignment in Preach My Gospel.  It is so neat.  The MTC is everything we'd hoped it would be.  We are making new friends, the food is great and most of all the spirit is so strong.  The majority of the couples are from Utah, and we are the only ones from Arizona.  We don't have the restrictions the young Elders and Sisters have.  We are able to have phones, computers, tablets, etc.  We can leave the MTC when not in class or have an assignment.  So life is good.
I went for a walk this evening and it was really neat to see the Elders and Sisters in study groups all over the MTC.  I could hear them practicing many different languages, etc. 

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