Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Travel to New Hampshire

We left Provo on July 10, 2013 early in the morning.  We drove over 700 miles getting to North Platte Wyoming. We have driven through Wyoming many times before but never as far east as North Platte.  It was pretty desolate but had its own beauty.
We then drove to the Mississippi River and stayed in a small town on the eastern bank. Iowa was green with lots of corn fields and very beautiful. 
We then drove through Illinois and stopped in Ohio just outside Kirtland.  Illinois was green and beautiful also.  So many farms and they were kept up so beautiful.
Monday, July 15th we went to the Kirtland Temple as shown above and toured the Temple and old town Kirtland.  It was special, but I wish our church owned the Kirtland Temple.  The tour guide, who was not LDS, just didn't understand the significance of the wonders and miracles that occurred in this wonderful Temple.  And yet the tour through old town Kirtland was done with wonderful Sister Missionaries that not only knew the stories, but included their testimonies which brought the spirit.  It was wonderful.
Today is Tuesday July 16th, and we have arrived in Manchester, New Hampshire.  The Mission has put us in a Hilton Hotel until the couple we are replacing leaves which will be Saturday July 27th.  We are looking forward to reporting to the Mission Office tomorrow morning. We are anxious to start our labors in this area hoping to do those things that the Lord would have us do.

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