Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

This past week was a transfer week which usually keeps us very busy, but this one was our smallest one ever.  We only had 3 new missionaries come in and we had 6 go home.  So the work load was much smaller.  The transfer meeting was wonderful.  President Stoker moved a lot of missionaries.  We are starting to see some great results of the changes he has made. President Stoker added another zone and changed the existing zones to match the boundries of the 5 stakes in the mission.  We had 9 baptisms last week, which I understand is the one of the largest ever.
  The picture to the left is our Manchester Chapel.  We have all our transfer meetings and training meetings here.  Two Wards meet here, the Manchester and Bedford Wards.  So the building is used a lot.  The brethren are working on moving the mission office either to this building or the Concord Stake Center.  It would save a lot of money as we now have our office in a regular office building where the rent is quite high.  I am not sure when this will happen.  Maybe in the next year or so.
   We were asked to pick up some investigators for church Sunday morning. But when we got there no one was home or they wouldn't answer the door.  It is always so disappointing for the missionaries.  They work so hard.  But I have come to know that it is not the number for baptisms one gets on their missions but the effort and work that is done.  All missionary work done for the Lord is good and all the people have their agency to choose.  But records are kept and goals are set and their is a tremendous amount of effort put forth to teach the Gospels precisious truths.  We love the missionaries so much.  Our testimonies continue to grow.  Our love for the Lord has no bounds.  We pray always that our work will be acceptable to Him and benefit the work.

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