Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2014

   It is definitely winter here in New England. Our first Nor'Easter.  We had another foot of snow and temperatures of 8 below zero.  With the wind chill if felt like 15 below. I am remembering winters back in Idaho and Colorado where we would deal with this kind of weather.
   We went out to dinner with President and Sister Stoker and the Pettingills New Years Eve and the Longhorn steak house.  It was wonderful and then we went to the Mission Home and played a game called Five Crown.  It is a modified card game and it was pretty fun.  Miriam killed everyone however.  It was a fun night but as usual we were in bed by 10pm and found out it was a new year when we woke up. 
   The work week was short with the holiday and we took a few hours off work to deal with the weather.  Elder Pettingill deals with all the car related problems and accidents and I deal with the cold and apartment problems.  When we get wet snow, power lines go down, then no power and my phone rings.  We have had real cold weather and when furnaces break down my phone rings again. But we get through it and in the end we all are ok and the work goes on.
   Today we moved to 9am church and that is always good.  It was fast and testimony meeting and I think it was one of the best.  Miriam and I were fasting for Penny Scanlan.  She is having surgery this coming Friday hopefully to relieve the sever pain she has in her hips.  Bob and Penny are dear friends.
   I was able to bear my testimony.  It was special as I testified of the truthfulness of this wonderful gospel.  I also took the opportunity to thank the Manchester Ward for the way they treat all the missionaries especially at Christmas.  I also was able to publically thank the Larr family for having us all over Christmas morning.  They are such a loving and generous family.  We missionaries really feel the love from all the members here in Manchester.
  This coming week we prepare for transfers.  It will be great!  We love the work and found we missed the family more than ever during the holidays. 

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