Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 16, 2014

 We continue to have lots of snow this week.  This picture shows us trying to get home from the office this past Thursday.  Another nor-east er.  The locals says this is a very bad winter even in their recollection.  But we have learned how to live with and even enjoy the snow and cold.
This past week we had our Concord Zone Conference.  I was able to teach again and Miriam was able to assist in the Family History lesson's for the missionaries.  Tomorrow we go to Vermont for our last Zone Conference.  We were supposed to have done the Vermont Zone Conference last Thursday, but with the bad weather, President Stoker postponed it until Monday.  We travel with the Pettingills and that is always fun.
We went out to dinner at Outback Steak House with the Pettingills, and Stokers Friday night.  Afterwards with went to the Mission Home and played games.  We played 5 crowns and it is really fun.  Sister Stoker won with Sister Pettingill coming in last.  We had lots of laughs!
This morning I was asked to teach Priesthood Meeting and that was great.  We are really loving the members of the Manchester Ward. 
The Picture below was taken today when the Stokers asked all us Manchester Missionaries over for lunch after church.  They were having a Mission Presidency Meeting but President Hawks was sick and couldn't come.  Sister Stoker had a wonderful lunch prepared and didn't want it not eaten.  And believe me, it all got eaten.  President and Sister Goodrich did make it and this picture shows Sister Goodrich making Maple Syrup on Snow.  They went outside, scooped up some snow and she put hot maple syrup on it.  You eat it with a fork and it is good.  The Goodrich's own a 45,000 tree maple syrup farm up in Northern Vermont.  They are wonderful people. It was a wonderful time.

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