Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 20, 2014

   We have found that April will end up being one of the busiest months of our Mission so far. On top of our regular assignments, we traveled to Bangor Maine for the Bangor Zone Conference.  The picture to the top right is Miriam and I in front of the only moose we could find.  It was at a rest stop just off the freeway.  Everyone is saying a lot about all the moose that are here, but we haven't seen any. 
   The lower left pictures are of the two Bangor Zones.  We love the missionaries so much.  We were able to teach them again on the power of the spirit in missionary work. We had a member provide lunch and as it turned out many of us got food poisoning from something we ate.  Many of our missionaries in those zones got violently sick. The sickness never hit until we all got back on Thursday.  Miriam got sick on Thursday and I got sick on Friday and I'm just getting over it now.  Goodness.  Sister Stoker got very sick too.  As well as Sister Aldous, Dr. Aldous's wife.  It has been an experience for sure.
  The lower right pictures are of the two Augusta Maine Zones.  After the we finished in Bangor we traveled to Augusta where we stayed the night.  We had a wonderful dinner with President and Sister Stoker, Dr. and Sister Aldous, and the Pettingill's.  Then on Wednesday, we taught the two zones then came back to Bedford.  Then the sickness started.
   Friday, I and Elder Pettingill went to Wolfboro to pick up some beds that are needed in Randolph.
   We were planning on having Easter at President and Sister Stokers.  But with all the illness, that was cancelled.  I felt well enough to go to sacrament meeting and we came home.  I was back in bed.  Miriam fixed a wonderful dinner and we celebrated Easter together.  Sacrament meeting was wonderful.  The talks were so inspiring.  I love our Savior so much.  I can't find the words to express my deepest feelings of love and appreciation.  I guess the best way is to live like we love him. 
   The weather is warmer.  Things are starting to green up and spring is definitely in the air.  Yea!

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