Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27, 2014

   What a great day this was and last week was just awesome.  The top picture was taken today just before Gene Hartzell's baptism.  I am with Elders Walker, Parry and Gene's daughter Tiffany.
   I was blessed to be asked to help teach Gene and it was so wonderful watching him grow as he grasped the Gospel. Gene asked me to speak at his baptism and I always feel blessed when I participate.  He has a wonderful spirit and I know the Gospel will be a great blessing in his life. Tiffany is talking about her baptism now.  She hasn't committed yet but I am sure she will.  I love Elders Walker and Parry so much.  They are such great missionaries.
  The pictures to the lower right are of the Exeter Zone Conference that was held last Monday.  The two pictures on the lower left are of the Concord Zone Conference held this last Thursday.  This completed teaching all ten zones and what a blessing it was for us senior missionaries to not only teach them, but be with them and feel of their spirit.  We love them all so much.  President and Sister Stoker do such a good job and work so hard not only at zone conferences but always.  Their callings are so demanding.  We love them so!
   Last Tuesday, I and Elder Pettingill took beds to the new Randolph apartment and then went up to Colebrook NH to pick up the furniture of the Richards who just went home after completing their mission.  Then we took the furniture to the JSM in Vermont for the Likes.  They have just came to the mission from Denver Colorado.  They were in the same Ward as Max and Claire.  They will serve at the JSM.  I think we traveled 450 miles that day.
   Then Wednesday, Miriam and Sister Pettingill took the Bedford and Manchester Sisters to the JSM for a sisters conference.  It was a very long day but wonderful they said!
   Then on top of all of the above, the work in the mission office went on.  I guess we just never realized how busy missionary life was going to be.  But Miriam and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  The work is wonderful.  The Gospel is true and we love the work.

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