Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

   We have had the most exciting week.  It was pretty normal until Thursday when I and Elder Pettingill travelled 494 miles to inspect 10 apartments in the Augusta Maine North Zone.  We found them to be in real good shape.  The Elders and Sisters have really improved the organization and cleanliness of the apartments since our last zone conference.  The training and getting after them really paid off.  Good job zone.
   The pictures to the left are of the NH Fishercat baseball game last Saturday night.  It was LDS family night so President Stoker was asked to throw out the opening pitch.  As you can see from the picture he did an excellent job.  The missionaries set up a booth with lots of information to anyone who might be interested.  It was a lot of fun.
   We had a baptism in our Manchester Ward Sunday.  Brother Lahr's baptized his daughters boyfriend, Nathaniel St. Laurent.  We have really learned to love the Lahr family.  They are the ones that had us all over Christmas Day for breakfast and treats.  They are such great examples of what it means to be great Christians.  Elder Wells and Elder Zilles assisted in the teaching.  It was a great baptism.  I think almost the whole Ward attended.  The family is so well thought off!!!
   Then Sunday night we were invited to have dinner with the Lacey's.  The Lacey's are very good friends with the Pettingills and we were 
 invited to dinner with them.  It was so special. Sister Lacey prepared a New England steam dinner where she cooked shrimp, crab, sausage, corn and potatoes all in the same pot.  She then dumped everything in the middle of the table and we all sat down to a feast.  The picture to the left shows the steam coming up off the food just after it was dumped on the table.  It is a typical New England meal and it was wonderful.  Miriam made a chocolate cake and Sister Pettingill provided the ice cream.  We were all stuffed beyond measure when it was all finished. 
They attend the Derry Ward.  They have just become active after a long time away much to
help from the Pettingills.  Elder Gilbert (His mother and Becky Schlappi are sisters) and Elder Jensen are the missionaries assigned to the Derry Ward and I can't even tell you how much food they ate.
   The final picture is the Lacey's with the Pettingills and the missionaries.  What a fun night.
   It is times like these that make our mission so much fun along with the work.  There are such wonderful members throughout New England. 
   This next week starts a series of Zone Conferences that will keep us on the road and very busy.  We love doing the Lords work.  We are grateful for this experience even though we miss our family so terribly. 

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