Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 6, 2014

 The new missionaries that came into the mission this week are in the top picture.  They are Elder Hales, Sisters Keown and Gillies, Elders Penverne (France), Randrianarivelo,(Madagascar) and Sisters Innes, Halling, and Kimball.  All three Elders are French speaking missionaries.  We are opening French areas in Portland Maine.  They are all wonderful missionaries and we welcome them to the mission.
   The second picture is of the returning missionaries.  They are Elder McKnight, Sister Stoker, President Stoker and Elder Wikan.
Front row, Sisters Davis, Bickel, Griffin, and Fuller.  We took them to the JSM and we had a wonderful time.  We love them so much and we'll miss them.
   The 4th of July was Friday and it rained almost all day.  We had the day off so Miriam and I went to the mall and then a movie.  We really celebrated the 4th on Saturday the 5th.
The pictures to the right are at Old Orchard Beach in Maine.  It was the most beautiful day.  We have come to love New England with all its beauty.  The greens are so green and the blue sky is so blue when the sun shines.  But the price we pay is that it has to rain a lot to get this beauty.
   We spent the day with the Pettingill's and we had so much fun.  We traveled down the coast.  The traffic was bad, but we didn't mind.  We had dinner at a seafood restaurant in Kittery Maine and it was a great day.
   Today was Fast Sunday and both I and Miriam were able to bear our testimonies.  I testified to the truthfulness of the restoration and the gratitude I had for this wonderful country in which we live.  I shared the story of my brother Verles death in Vietnam back in 1968 and spoke of so many that sacrificed so much.  Miriam bore the sweetest testimony also on the light of Christ.  She doesn't testify often but when she does it is so special.  I love her!
   After the closing prayer Elder Harrington came over to my and threw his arms around me and cried into my shoulder for over 5 minutes.  His emotions came to the surface and he needed lots of hugs.  His father passed away a few months ago very unexpectedly and I think he needed to let his emotions out.  I love him so much.  There are so many trials these wonderful missionaries go through and I love them for their strength. 
   Elder Plyler came up to me during Priesthood meeting and said, "Elder Skidmore, this is a milestone day for me.  I have been on my mission for the exact number of days I was a member before my mission."  Elder Plyler is a convert and was called to serve a mission after just 15 months of his baptism.  He is such a wonderful missionary.
   We have 4 new missionaries in our Ward due to transfers and each gave a sweet testimony.  Our Ward was small due to the holiday week end but the spirit was so strong. 
   Miriam and I miss our family so much, but know this is where are to be at this time in our life.  We love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We love to serve.  We love all of our missionaries.  We love our Mission President and his wife. 

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