Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014

   The picture to the right is of Miriam and I with Elder and Sister Likes from Denver Colorado.  They are from the very same Ward that my brother Max and his family.  They arrived in our mission the 1st of May and they are assigned to serve at the JSM.  They stopped to see us as Max had told them about us serving in the same mission.  We had lunch with them and it was wonderful.
   Today after Church we drove to Concord NH to the Dartmouth Hospital to visit with them. 
One Friday morning, August 22nd at 6am Sister Likes slipped on a throw rug in the bathroom hitting the tub.  It was a bad fall.  She ruptured her spleen, broke a couple of ribs, and some other injuries.  She was rushed to the Hospital in Lebanon NH where she was treated.  They had to remove her spleen in an operation.  She was there for a week and has now been sent to the Dartmouth rehabilitation center to help her recover enough to make the long trip home to Denver. Elder Likes has been by her side and a wonderful help to her.  She is still in a lot of pain and wants to recover quickly and get home.  They have a number of doctors in their family and that has been a real blessing for them. 
   We had a wonderful visit.  They are  special people and have been a great asset to our mission.  We hope and pray she heals quickly so the long plane ride home can be accomplished.  We sure love them and continually pray for them.
   Our week has been very normal.  President and Sister Stoker have been gone doing interviews with the missionaries in northern NH and Vermont.  So its been pretty quiet at the office. 

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