Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7, 2014

   This week was so full.  Last night we had dinner at the Stokers with the Pettingills and Patty and Eric, good friends that live in the Stokers neighborhood.  As usual the food was outstanding.  We played games after and I have discovered I need to figure how to win Five Crowns.  It was fun, but I lost. Oh well!
   Monday night was asked to go out and teach with Elder Barnes and Elder Harrington.  They had an appointment which fell through and 2 backups which also fell through.  As we were walking the streets of Manchester, Sister Smedley and Sister Collins drove up and said
the member they were teaching needed a blessing.  So we went to her apartment where she was so glad to see us.  Her name was Jo Anne and she was struggling with the adversary as she was preparing to go to the temple.  She asked that I give her a blessing.  I think this is the reason we were out Monday night.
   Wednesday night I was ask to help teach with Elder Barnes and Elder Pemberton.  This was a family that was almost agnostic.  But we gave the Restoration lesson and I was able to share my testimony of the blessings of family.  They were interested to know that I had been married to Miriam for 44 years and that we had 5 children.
They thought that there was no god because of the hardships they were going through.  When I shared with them that we lost Monica at birth and yes it was hard but we consider her a blessing as we know we will raise her in the spirit world.  Then when I shared with  them we have 4 other wonderful children and they have blessed us with  19 grand children where one of them, Ethan, we lost after he was only 6 months old.  Bad things do happen to good people!  I bore a strong testimony of my love for the Savior and His Gospel.  The spirit was so strong.  They asked all to come back this coming Thursday. 
   Friday, Miriam and I did apartment checks in the Augusta South and Bangor East Zones in Maine.  Above in the middle are some the pictures with the Elders and Sisters.  We love them so much and they are doing so much better
at keeping their apartments clean and neat.
   Then Friday evening we drove over to Bar Harbor Maine.  They pronounce it "Baw Hawbaw".  For some reason they don't pronounce their r's.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We stayed in a wonderful hotel, had the best clam chowder ever at Geddy's and walked the busy streets doing what Miriam does so well, shop!
   Then Saturday we went through Acadia National Park which is breathtaking.  We had so much fun.  We are trying to see as much of New England as we can before the summer ends.  We are now getting ready for the next transfer where we are getting 24 new missionaries.  Then all of our children are coming on October 1st thru the 6th.  We are looking so forward to that.  We miss them all so much. 
   Today at church we had some of our recent baptized members bare the sweetest and heartfelt testimonies.  The work is wonderful and we love it!

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