Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2, 2014

    The three pictures to left is of the zone conference held at the JSM for the Montpelier and Concord North Zones.  It was wonderful as was the other two.  The missionaries were taught how  to teach using the Book of Mormon.  President Stoker always does such a wonderful job in teaching the missionaries.
   The next picture is Sister Skidmore and Sister Holm's with the sister missionaries at the zone conference.  They are always such a delight to be around.
   After the zone conference we took the Holms through Queechee and Woodstock.  A lot of the leaves have fallen and it wasn't as beautiful as when we took our children there just a few weeks earlier, but it was still very pretty.  We shopped at the old country stores and even did some Christmas shopping.
    We are enjoying serving with the Holms.  They are very hard workers.  President Stoker has told them that they will be doing our jobs when we leave the mission next month.  So they will have a lot to learn as they have just learned to do the Pettingills job.  But they are willing to do what President Stoker asks and we sure love them for that.
   The zone conferences were over after Tuesday and all our energies were focused on the upcoming transfers.  There is always a lot of work to do to prepare for transfers.  President Stoker seems much more relaxed this transfer and we are all happy about that.  We are ready
 for tomorrow when the new missionaries arrive.  It is always very busy but so wonderful to greet the new missionaries. 
   The next picture is all of us with President and Sister Stoker at Carrabas.  We went there for dinner for Halloween.  The dinner was great and then we went to the mission home and played 5 crowns.  And would you believe I actually won this time.  The first time ever.  We had so much fun and Sister Stoker made the best apple cake which we enjoyed with ice cream.  It was such a good Halloween, even though we missed our grandchildren and their costumes.
   We had a wonder Sabbath today.  The next two
pictures are of Miriam going into church showing all the leaves that have blown to the steps. Today it is cold and the wind is blowing.  It feels like winter.  She played the piano at Sacrament Meeting which she will do this month.  She always does such a good job.
   It was Fast and Testimony Meeting the testimonies were wonderful.  We had lots of missionaries bare the sweetest testimonies.  They know that they will be transferred this Tuesday.
  Amy Herberts (scheduled to be baptized at Thanksgiving) mother came up to me and shared how is was a miracle that her daughter has accepted the Gospel after being so stubborn for 20 some years.  She shared the miricale of her coming to their home when they had the missionaries there for dinner.  She just showed up and she hit it of with Elder Plyler and Elder Pemberton.  They love these Elders so much.  I was able to bare my testimony of my love for the Savior and His Church and my love of these wonderful young missionaries.  The spirit was strong and it set the stage for wonderful block of meetings.

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