Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26, 2014

   We have had a great week here in the NH Manchester Mission.  The top two photos are of zone conference in Exeter New Hampshire last Tuesday and the next two photos are of zone conference in Augusta Maine held last Wednesday.
   President and Sister Stoker had just returned from the Mission President Conference held at Palmyra NY where Elder Holland was the presiding authority.  President Stoker shared some of the things he said.
   "The Sacred Grove is the most sacred place on earth next to the Garden of Gethsemane".
   "The miracle of this dispensation is the Mission President and his missionaries".
   "53% of the sisters now serving missions would not have come out if they had to wait until they were 21". 
   "Today 30% of all missionaries are sisters. It   
 was 12% before President Monson lowered the age".
   The theme of the zone conference was the Book of Mormon.  He taught how the B of M teaches over and over the significance and power of the Atonement. No other scriptures does this.  He had a contest having all the missionaries find a scripture that referred to the atonement.  It was awesome and there are a lot of them.
   Then he spent time teaching the significance of the Fall.  The way it was in the Garden before and after.  He then compared that to us and the atonement, before and after.  It was wonderful.  The more we learn about the restored Gospel, the more I know it to be true.  There are so many scripture references and as we truly look into them and the depth of their meaning, a whole new light comes on. 
   What great lessons our missionaries are learning.  No where else could they receive such wonderful training and be touched by the spirit so powerfully.
   President Stoker had me teach a little of safety and importance of their CO detectors.  Elder Holms taught about the hazards of driving in the winter.  We all love the work and more the missionaries.
  The bottom 4 pictures are of our little trip Saturday through southern NH and up into Vermont.  The weather was fabulous and we had a great time with the Holms.  The  Vermont Country Store was awesome.  Christmas shopping has started.  I was glad to get a kiss at the kissing bridge.
   We love our mission.  We are trying to take advantage of every minute we have left in it.  New England is so beautiful in the fall.  We have tried to take advantage of every spare moment to find more things to see and do.

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