Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 13, 2013

It has been two weeks since writing on or blog.  It has been a grand two weeks however.  It is the first time we have experienced General Conference while serving a full time mission.  It is interesting how special it is to be engaged in the service of the Lord and receiving the messages of the prophets at the same time.  How we love our Prophet Thomas S. Monson and all the General Authorities.

One of my duties here in the mission is housing.  This requires me to not only find and furnish apartments for new area as they open, but inspect the existing apartments to ensure they are being keep clean and safe for the missionaries.  I really enjoy doing the apartment inspections as I get to take Miriam with me and we travel throughout the mission inspecting apartments and meeting the missionaries where they live and proselyte.  The Friday before General Conference the missionaries were so excited to soon be able to hear our Beloved Prophet and all the general authorities.  One of the comments we heard often was, "Conference is better that Christmas!"  We have never heard that statement before.  We love the missionaries so much.  After seeing them in the environment in which they live and work, Miriam says "I know one thing for sure, I am going to pray much harder for our missionaries."

A great spiritual experience I have had is when President Stoker asked me to find an apartment in Andover Massachusetts where he wanted to open a new area.  I found that the closer you get to Boston, the apartments are not only harder to find, but very expensive.  He gave me a budget and I went to work.  I was not able to find anything that I would put a missionary in that was in our budget.  I decided to go down to Andover, take the two missionaries that were to serve in the new area and find an apartment.  We had a list to look at, and found one that fit all the criteria.  The manager was eager to rent it to us until I explained to her that I wasn't going to live there but that two 20 year old young men representing the Lord would.  In her mind and prior experience she said it wouldn't be possible.  She wanted background checks, income statements for each, etc.  (I run into this all the time).  So we left and continued our search with no luck. 
A short time later I received a call from the CEO of the large company that owned the apartment complex.  He introduced himself and said he knew the MORMONS.  I asked if he was a member and he said he wasn't, but that he had visited SLC often to take his family skiing.  He asked me if I was still interested in the apartment, which I said I was and he said it would be no problem in renting it.  He also invited me to view the company web site as they owned many complexes throughout New England.  He wanted me to know that our missionaries were always welcome in their complexes.  I asked if had ever had any of the discussions, and he said yes, many times. 
The manager called me a short time later wanting to explain her conversation with the CEO and I told her he had just called me.  We got the apartment with out any problems and this Tuesday, I am going to sign the lease and move the missionaries in.  The Lords hand was definitely in this transaction.
I have always found that people are skeptical of us until they know us.  The example of our LDS brothers and sisters is felt everywhere.
I know that God lives and Jesus is the Christ.  I know the Book of Mormon is true.  Miriam and I study it every morning and it always brings the spirit to us as we start our day.  I know Joseph Smith is a prophet and through him the Lord ushered in the fullness of his Gospel.  I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of the Lord and leads and guides this great work today.  I am thankful to serve in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission with Miriam.  I do love her!

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