Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27, 2013

This was another week of transfers.  I think this was the largest transfers we had so far in the mission. We received 13 new missionaries and 9 went home.  We also had 5 missionaries that were waiting for their visa's get them and we sent them to south America.
That is a lot of changes but its only the beginning.  President Stoker is making lots of changes.  We closed one area in  Maine, opened a new area in Andover Massachusetts.  We also opened a new areas in Lawrence Massachusetts and two areas here in Manchester.  All of these areas required apartments and everything that goes with them.  Then we had almost all of our missionaries involved in transferring from one area to another.  Lots of changes.  We now have 10 missionaries assigned to our ward here in Manchester.  President Stoker is moving more missionaries to the populated areas.  Busy, busy, busy!!!
The pictures are at the Boston Temple.  The upper is with Elder Frutos.  Miriam and I got close to him as he called on us to  assist in teaching many times. 
The picture to the left is with Elder Hill.  He has been an AP since we have been in the mission.  We have gotten so close to him.  Both of these Elders are unique and special in there own way.  Both are such hard workers and spiritual giants.  The world is lucky to have them.
Our mission continues to grow.  The work goes forward but is hard.  There was a question asked on the radio to guess the 5 most nonreligious states in the union.  It turns out that they are #5 Connecticut, #4 Massachusetts, #3 Maine, #2 New Hampshire, and #1 Vermont. 
The challenges are there but so is the strength of our work.  We all love the Lord and we will work hard where ever we are sent.  Miriam and love the work and know it is His work. 

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