Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 20, 2013

Tomorrow starts transfer week where we receive all the new missionaries to the mission and send home those that have completed their mission.  Miriam and I have gotten close to a lot of the missionaries, especially those in the Manchester area.  We have had the opportunity to teach with them and work very close to them. In doing so, we knew that Elder Frutos was due to go home this transfer and talking to him, we found out he had never had the opportunity to go to the JSM while he was here.  We asked President Stoker if we could take him there before he left and he said we could.  Then he wanted to know if there were any others going home that had never been and we found out that Elder Irving and Elder Cook had not either.  So we were able to take all three and it was wonderful.  Now President Stoker wants to make this a mission tradition that all the missionaries that serve here get to go to the JSM before going home.  Most do just in the coarse of serving, but some don't and it would be a shame to work here for 2 years and never see this wonderful memorial.  I just took a couple of pictures as we have many more pictures of the Memorial shown previously.
The foliage was absolutely beautiful.  It is however not the peak anymore, but still, WOW!
The missionaries wanted to stop on the way home at a Five Guys Hamburger.  It still amazes me how much food they can eat. 
We had a blast.
President and Sister Stoker went to Philadelphia for their first mission president conference.  We are anxious to hear all about it.
The Lords work is awesome. 

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