Monday, March 3, 2014

March 2, 2014

 We had a very full and wonderful week.  We had 6 new missionaries come in on Monday and we had 5 missionaries complete their missions and go home on Wednesday.
  The picture to the left is the 5 missionaries going home from left to right; Elders Lewis, Dorantes, Preslar, Parsons and Booth.  What a great bunch of Elders.  I was fortunate enough to have them help me take Skidmore family names through the Temple.  We had a wonderful session and dinner afterwards.  We missed Miriam as she was sick with the flu.
  The picture below is  us with Elder Preslar. He has been serving as one of our AP's and we love him dearly.  He is from Sugar City, Idaho.  One of the reasons he is so special to us is that he has had many heart operations very similar to our Ethan's and is doing quite well so far.  He has more surgeries to go through and we wish him the best.  Our prayers will always be with him.
We had a wonderful Sabath yesterday.  Miriam and I picked up to investigators for church.   Ralph from Hatti.  He is working so hard to overcome some problems he is having with the word of wisdom.  He wants to get his GED and I hope to be able to help him with that.  It would certainly help him with his job situation.
We picked Gene also.  The missionaries have been teaching him and it was his first time at church.  He is 63 and is really looking for the Lord.  You can tell he knows God has blessed his life as he has such a positive attitude and acknowledges His hand in his life.  He even bore a small testimony yesterday about how good he felt and that this did seem like the True Church.  It was pretty awesome.
  Then after church we had a baptism of Doris Diaz and it was so special.  She is so excited about her new life as a Latter Day Saint.  She had all her family there and they seem to really support her.  Then we went over to the Kiplinger's and had lunch with the missionaries, the Diaz family, Bishopric and all those that were so instramental in her conversion.  Sister Diaz now has so many friends in the Ward.  It is all good.

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