Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 9, 2014

    This is a picture of the leadership of our mission.  We have MLC (mission leadership training) every month.  We love all of our missionaries, but these are certainly special.  We the office staff provide and fix their lunch and get to interact with them.  It is very special as we have now been on our mission long enough to really get to know them and love seeing them.  The leadership is constantly changing as missionaries go home and others receive callings of leadership. 
     It is interesting to see the incoming missionaries is dominated by Sisters.  We have been told in the very near future, our mission will be 40% Sisters.  We sure love them and they do such a great job.
    I was able to go out to help teach with Elders Aldous, Tabile, and Sowby here in Manchester last Wednesday night.  They had 3 appointments made and needed help.  I am always so excited to be able go with them.  It was  a snowy and cold night and we started at 6pm.  We got turned away and all three homes for one reason or another.  I could see on their faces the disappointment.  I think they were concerned that they had asked me to  assist and they were somewhat embarrassed that none of them would let them in.  I assured them that I loved being with them and that we had done what we were called to do and that is to offer the Living Gospel to all who would listen.  All of Gods children have their agency.
     I ask Elder Aldous how they found this one family.  It was on the  3rd floor where the stairs were  on the outside and very steep.  You also had to be in the back of the building which was a parking lot.  I noticed there were a number of apartments on each of the 3rd, 2nd and ground floor.  He said that they always walk up the stairs and start at the top first so that if they get slammed, they know that they have to walk down the stairs anyways so why not knock on every door.  He told me that it was to easy to just walk away from a building if they started on the ground floor when getting slammed.  They didn't want to leave without giving everyone the opportunity to hear the Good Word.  The only one that accepted an invatation was the one on the 3rd floor, the first one they knocked on.  As a side note, they were invited back another time with this family as the young man they talked to was sick. 
    I love our missionaries!  I love being a missionary!

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