Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23, 2014

     We had the most excellent week.
Monday I had the opportunity to teach with the Elders a new investigator named Gene.  He is progressing so well.  He has set a baptism date of April 13th.  He is a wonderful man.
Tuesday we did apartment inspections in the Exeter South Zone.  That is southern NH and northern Mass.  The picture to the right is a moment we took to enjoy the sunshine.  It was cold but sunny.  We have almost forgot what the sun looks like.  It has been a long cold winter.
Thursday we did apartment inspections in the Exeter North Zone and the picture below is some of the wonderful missionaries in that Zone.  Miriam and I love to get out and be with the missionaries even though at times we are so disappointed in the way they live.  But most do real well and we love them all.
Friday after work we got a call from Sister Smith(missionary) that she was having sever pain in her abdomen.  Elder Pettingill and I gave her a blessing and we all took her to the hospital.  Sister Pettingill stayed with her through the night and it was quite an ordeal.  We are sure she will have her gall bladder removed this coming week. 
Sunday was a great Sabbath.  All our meetings were wonderful.  We had a baptism right after church where James Burch was baptized.  He was introduced to the church by his friend Henry who was baptized 9 years earlier.  James is probably in his late 70's and stiff with arthritis and it was pretty hard to get him completely under water.  It took 3 times.  It was wonderful.  We continue to love the work!!!!

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