Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 15, 2014

   Miriam and I had a wonderful week.  Last Thursday we inspected the apartments in the Bangor West Zone.  We traveled about 500 miles.  The apartments have improved 100%.  We have trained and trained on the importance of living in conditions that you would bring the Savior.  We have worked hard to improve the apartments themselves and to help our wonderful missionaries keep them clean and neat.  It has improved so much and we appreciate their work.
   Upper left with Elders Roberts and Platt.  Upper right Elders Plyler and Buchanan.  Lower left is Sister Welling and Bickel.  Lower right is Sisters Kotter and Frame.  We did others but don't have their pictures.  We love them so!

   Friday was also Miriam's birthday.  We got a fruit basket from Grif and Brittny.  It was for Fathers Day and Miriam's Birthday.  It was beautiful and delicious.  Elder and Sister Pettingill help us with the wonderful treat.
   Last Wednsday, we were asked by Sister Morgan and Sister Collins to assist them in teaching the Estes Family.  The father Ted is a member and his wife Traci is not.  They also have a 5 year old daughter Sylvia.  What a beautiful family.  We taught the restoration and Traci had lots of questions.  It was great.  They are going on vacation for a few weeks, but they did ask us to come back to teach them more.  I was able to bear my testimony of the gift of love and how families teach us love in such greater levels and maybe how the Savior loves each of us.  We sure enjoy teaching when the opportunity comes.
   Saturday we had a wonderful lunch at the JSM with all the senior missionaries.  We had BBQ chicken and brauts corn on the cob, and lots of salads. Pres. & Sis. Stoker got a birthday cake for Miriam and we all sang happy birthday to her. The food was good and the association with all the senior missionaries was even more precious.  We had a small program where I was coerced into telling my Badger story.  We then went to the top of Patriarch Hill in the John Deer.  It was so beautiful.  Then we took a drive to Northfield Falls.  There are 3 covered bridges and country side is absolutely beautiful.  We went with the Pettingills and we had a blast.  We always have fun with them.
   We are loving our mission so much.  I think we appreciate the beauty of New England more this summer after having went through such a long winter.  We love our missionaries and love working with them. 

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