Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 29, 2014

   The upper picture is of Elders Holly and Zilles practicing teaching the Restoration discussion.  They are trying to get it done in 7 minutes.  The reason for this is to be able to teach those that only have a few minutes and let them learn enough to feel the Spirit and accept an invitation to learn more.  They are  great Elders and we love them so much.
   The next picture is us with President and Sister Stoker and Elder and Sister Pettingill.  We went out for dinner and then ice cream. We were celebrating our 1 yr. anniversary in the mission.  It is to good to have us all get together.  Especially President and Sister Stoker.  They work so hard and they have very little time to relax.  We love them so much and appreciate all they do.  They are so awesome.

   This picture is of myself with Elders Kunz, Harper, and Pettingill.  On Wednesday we loaded up the trailer with furniture.  Elders Sowby and Warner helped me load it and Elder Kunz and Harper helped unload. 
   We are opening two new areas in Portland ME for French speaking missionaries.  It is so exciting to see the work with the immigrants from Africa have such a desire to learn more of the Gospel.  They all speak French.  It is so wonderful to see the work grow.
   The bottom picture is of Elders Sowby and Warner and Sisters Morgan and Collins with Miriam.  She fixed the most wonderful Sunday dinner and we all had a wonderful time.  We love the missionaries so much.  They are so special to us. 
   We have had another wonderful week.  The weather is the best and we are loving it here in New England.  We have been preparing for transfers all week. Our new missionaries come in tomorrow and the returning missionaries go home Wednesday.  It is an exciting time.
   Our testimony continues to grow as we work in the Lords vineyard.  It has been a wonderful Sabbath.

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