Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014

   This week was different in that Monday we took all of our kids to the airport and said good bye.  It was so sad to see them go and yet so wonderful to have been able to spend time with them in New England.
   We then went to work and started our time serving with the Holm's.  They are the new senior couple that replaced the Pettingill's.  The three pictures to the left are of a dinner we had with them last Thursday night. 
   The Holm's are from Idaho Falls and this is their third mission.  They are wonderful and I know we will enjoy serving with them.
   We miss the Pettingill's and wish them much success and love.  We know we will see more of them as we have already planned a trip with them next summer.   They had the Lacey's and another couple at the dinner also. 

   The 4 pictures to the left are of our little trip Saturday with the Holm's.  We went up through Laconia to the Castle in the Clouds.  We had a lot of fun and the beauty of New England was just breath taking.  The Castle in the Clouds is on a high hill top so you could see a lot of Lake Winnipesaukee and the valley.  The fall leaves are at their peak or just a little past.  We always have fun exploring New England with the companionship of our friends.
   Thursday night I had the opportunity to teach with Elder Harrington and Elder Pace.  We taught prayer to the McCoulagh family.   We taught from Enos in the B of M.  It was wonderful.  Sister McCoulagh is ready to be baptized and Brother McCoulagh is working hard at quiting smoking.  We pray for him constantly and know that soon he will make it.  He came to church today and it was good to see him there. 
   Miriam and I took the Moose (mission van) to pick up the McCoulagh sisters and Jody.  Then coming home we took them and three other investigators home.  It is always an adventure and we love serving them.  Our Fast and Testimony Meeting was very special today.  So many of our new converts stood and bore the sweetest testimonies.  Our chapel was the fullest we have ever seen.  The fruits of the missionary labors are sure evident.  We love them so much! 
   We love all of our missionaries so much.  They sacrifice so much and work so hard that it is an inspiration to all of us.  We can see our mission dropping in the number of missionaries as we see in the future transfers of more going home than coming out.  This will require a lot of adjustments.  President Stoker is working hard to make decisions on what to close etc.  It will all be good for sure!

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