Monday, October 20, 2014

October 19, 2014

   I had the opportunity to assist Elders Plyler and Pemberton in teaching Amy the plan of salvation (picture to the right).  She is the daughter of members in our Ward.  She has turned down the opportunity to be taught many, many times.  Her mother asked her to listen to the Elders and she said ok.  She is going through lots of problems.  She and her 14 year old daughter do not get along at all and the daughter has elected to live elsewhere.
   This was the third lesson she has received and she has loved it.  She has accepted the baptismal challenge and she is scheduled to be baptized November 22nd.  It is amazing how she has changed and how happier she is now that she has accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Gospel does work miracles in the lives of all those who accept it. 
   The tree below their picture was so radiantly red that I just had to take a picture.  It was just outside the
Elders home.  I was enjoying it while I was waiting for them the night we taught Amy.
   The next picture is Sunday evening at the JSM in Sharon Vermont.  I was asked to drive the Moose and take 4 investigators and 6 missionaries to a fireside that President Stoker was speaking at.  We got there early enough that they toured the site.  It was cold but wonderful.  The beauty of the area is always exceptional.  The leaves have started to fall.  It rained some and the wind was blowing, so it was cold.  The meeting lasted about an hour where President Stoker gave a great history of the early days of Joseph Smith and the many miracles that happened to bring us this wonderful restored Gospel.  We had light refreshments afterward and we got home about 10pm.
   It was a long day but wonderful.  Our sacrament meeting was great.  I was asked to teach Priesthood while we were in Sunday School.  I read the lesson while in SS and gave it in Priesthood.  I think it went ok.  The Lord truly helped me and we all felt the spirit testify of the wonderful man President Joseph F. Smith really was.
   It has now turned colder.  The cold weather has come late this year and that has been ok with us.  We now are getting ready for zone conferences which start tomorrow.  We are expecting a lot of rain this week so it will be interesting.  We will travel lots of miles but it will be great.
   Miriam and I realize that we only have two months left here in New England.  Our release date is December 19th.  We see that date coming so fast.  It will be a bitter sweet time. 

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