Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14, 2014

    The picture to the left is of me with Elders Barnes and Harrington.  I have been out teaching with them on a number of occasions.  We have taught a number of families and been stood up by a number of people.  But it is always good to be with them.  Elder Barnes goes home in 10 days and he is an excellent missionary.  He approaches everybody in his path.  One afternoon while with them, he approached homeless, teenagers, kids and regular people walking around Manchester.  I love the way he approaches.  I told him I thought one of the men was drunk and he said "They are all Gods children". 
   Elder Harrington has been going through some hard times.  His father passd away awhile back and he is still trying to process it all.  But I told him he needs to make his worn out shoes a trophy as Elder Nielsen did.  He is such a good Elder.
   The four pictures to the left are of our MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) held last Tuesday.  This is the leadership of our mission.  What great young men and women they are.  Elder and Sister Pettingill got in the picture as it was their last MLC before they leave. 
   One of our duties is to provide lunch for the meeting.  We truly have it down to a science now.  Miriam and I go and buy all the food, then we meet the Pettingills at the church where we prepare and serve it.  Then we clean up and head back to the office and keep on working.
   This last Saturday, we went up to Laconia to Lake Winapisakie to go on a boat ride to view the lake from the water.  The boat we were to go out on had been booked by a private party and they asked if we'd like to go out in a smaller one.  It was cold and rainy and we decided not to.  Instead we went on a train ride around part of the lake.  It was fun and a lot warmer. 
   Miriam and I have been given our release date.  It is December 19th.  We are so happy because if the weather permits we will be home for Christmas.
   Friday evening we went out to dinner with President and Sister Stoker and Mexican food at Shortys.  It was good and we always love being with them.  They have invited our kids when they come out to stay at the mission home.  That is so nice of them.  We are looking forward to seeing our kids after 15 months.  Love them so!
   Our church was wonderful today.  Sacrament Meeting was so good.  The spirit was strong and messages were excellent.  Sister Smedley played the Violin accompanied by Miriam on the Piano and it was beautiful.  Then after the block, we had a linger longer where a lunch was prepared for all to enjoy before going home.  The Bishop does this a few times a year to help all the member to linger and get to know each other better.  It was nice. 
   Now we are going to have a week of Zone Conferences with Elder Wilson of the Seventy.  I will write about it next Sunday.
   We love all the missionaries and we love the work.  It is starting to get cold and we feel winter coming on strong.  Summer was so short.  Oh well, we are in New England!

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