Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21, 2014

    We had a wonderful week.  We were blessed to have Elder and Sister Wilson of the Seventy come to the mission and teach us.  We had three zone conferences where they were able to meet and teach all of our missionaries.
   The picture to the left is of our zone conference in Exeter NH.  The picture below are some pictures of the lunch time at the JSM where the Montpelier Zone conference was held.
   The message that was given was on the importance of the Book of Mormon not only in the conversion process but also in the retention process. 
   The Wilsons testified of the importance of each

 investigator read the Book of Mormon long enough to feel the spirit and let the spirit testify to them of its truthfulness.  Retention is one of the Church's biggest concerns and a survey has shown that the majority of the new members have read very little of the Book of Mormon. 
   The challenge was given for each missionary to read this wonderful book with them.  Make sure they read the testimonies of the witnesses and then to take the time to explain to them what was happening and answer their questions.  Then to read 1Nephi:1 with them.  Making sure to read slow and explain everything that is going on.  Then to set up appointments to read with them through chapter 15. 
   Then they are to set up with the Ward Mission Leader to make assignments from the Ward members to read with them until the book is finished. 
   The promise was given that as they read and prayed, they would gain a stronger testimony of this wonderful Gospel.  They must learn to sink their roots deep into the Gospel to be able to weather the troubles that await them.  I know this is so true.  So soon after they are baptized, they fall prey to the advisories desire to derail them from the truth. 
   The picture to the left is of a nursery that Miriam and I went to Saturday.  Fall is definitely here and to colors are changing and it is beautiful.  We are so looking forward to having all our kids come to visit us on October 1st through the 6th.  We love and miss them so much.
   The Lords work is wonderful and we are blessed to be a part of this great mission.  This next week with certainly be one of the busiest ever.  We have 26 new missionaries coming tomorrow and we send 19 home on Wednesday.  Those that are going home are some of our very closest friends.  We have grown to love and appreciate them so much.  We have served with so many of them in different capacities.  If there is one thing out here that is certain, it's that things move fast and things are always changing.  We love them all so much!
   The Holms got to our mission last Thursday and they are replacing the Pettingills who go home in two weeks.  We have become such good friends with the Pettingills and can hardly believe their time is almost up. 

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