Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28, 2014

   This week was historic for us.  We had the largest transfer of our mission.  We had 26 new missionaries come into our mission on Monday. They are shown in the top picture.  It took every vehicle we had to transport them from the airport to the mission home.  It was a late night when we got them settled in. 
   On Tuesday, transfer day, we had 160 missionaries involved in this transfer.  Our biggest ever.  It was long and yet very exciting.  The second picture is of the 19 wonderful missionaries we had go home.  We had a wonderful temple session with them.  We have gotten to know them and as such they are all so special.  I have to say they are some of the best missionaries ever.  We are going to miss them dearly
   Then all the paperwork needed to be done and
we had both of our printers go down.  It was pretty hectic to say the least.  Be we got the Xerox printer going and was able to get everything done. 
   The picture to the left is of us with the Pettingill's.  This was our last Friday night of pizza and games.  They go home this coming Friday.  We have enjoyed them so much and wish them well on their journey home.
   Saturday we went back to the Boston Temple for the wedding of Ashley Stoker, the daughter of President and Sister Stoker.  It was wonderful.  The Stoker family all came to the Boston Temple so President Stoker could be
with the family.  He can't leave the mission as Mission President.  Sister Stoker will accompany the family back to Arizona and Utah for the two receptions, but President Stoker will remain here.  He had a life size photo cut out of him to be put in the reception line. 
   The far right is the bride and groom coming out of the Temple.  The upper right is of President Stoker, his dad and his son.  Three generations of Stokers.  President Stoker is a convert to the Church and his dad is not a member.  He is very ill and it was a miracle that he was able to come. 
   The bottom right picture is of us with the Pettingill's in the shade observing all the doings.  It was a very warm day.  In the 80's and that is very unusual.  We then went to Pelham NH for the wedding lunch.  It was a long day, but wonderful. 
   We are so excited as we approach this next week.  All our children and their spouses are coming to NH to visit and we are so excited.  It feels like Christmas. 
   We love our missionaries, we love serving with them and love serving them. 

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